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2nd Annual Green Fuels & Vehicles China 2011 presents you with a premier and broad dialogue platform to network with a targeted group of decision makers from diverse companies across the value chain of new energy vehicles market. This high-profile conference offers excellent exposure to all key figures in the industry with maximized benefits, assisting you to further achieve your objectives in long-term business development.

IGVision has been recognized as the leading international summits organizer in China's pillar industries. We strive to provide you with more information, intelligence and connections through our thoroughly researched events. If you need access to the top professionals in the 2nd Annual Green Fuels & Vehicles China 2011 with IGVision, we can deliver customer-tailored packages for any size budget. Our intense marketing campaign will also brand your image and raise your profile.

Why Sponsor?
Be our partner and sponsor 2nd Green Fuels & Vehicles China 2011:
  • Build your branding name in China and with up to months' marketing promotion
  • Meet face-to-face with senior industry decision makers
  • Network with potential business clients partners and build existing long-term relationships
  • Increased visibility with superior booth positioning
  • Take advantage of the best B2B ROI available
For more information on specially-tailored sponsorship packages please contact:
Ms. Grace Zhu
Tel: +86 21 5180 9476
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